Melinda Frame is a three-time Regional Emmy® Award winning producer, director, cinematographer, writer, and editor. She is the founder of FRAME+WORK where she produces intimate documentary films for a range of corporate and industry clients. She established a career in New York City working on projects for HBO, A&E, the Sundance Channel, VIACOM, as well as DISCOVERY. From 2013-2016, Melinda traveled throughout the Land of Enchantment filming the travel documentary series New Mexico True Television for the New Mexico Tourism Department. In the corporate arena, Melinda has served as producer on projects for L'Oreal, Washington Mutual (CHASE), the James Beard Foundation, 516 ARTS, and recently completed two video projects with Tamarind Institute. Currently, she is directing a film featuring artist Judy Tuwaletstiwa for the Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe. She is based in Albuquerque, where the call of the wild New Mexican landscape and her trio of rescue dogs help keep the work-life-balance more... balanced. 


Perhaps the most telling part of my interaction with Melinda was my belief...that it simply couldn’t be done ....But under Melinda’s leadership and with her talents ... it became a product that no outsider would realize was the work of such a small crew. They began turning out episodes that a full production house working on a more lax schedule would be proud of....I could end my referral by simply saying I’m impressed with how much Melinda cares about turning out quality work. But it’s more than that. She also has the ability to turn out quality work....Her skill sets combined with that dedication to generating a top tier product have left me impressed. The TV show would not have survived past a trial run without her.

 - Dan Monaghan, Video Services Manager, New Mexico Tourism Department