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for starters...

Every project begins with a dialogue and exchange of ideas. We start by brainstorming concepts and defining objectives, then delve into the nuts and bolts of the production, and ultimately determine what it will take to execute your vision.

Still trying to figure out what your vision is? We can work on that, too.

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who do we work with?

We love to take on all types of projects and work with all kinds of folks. We are both team leaders and team players who enjoy collaboration. As committed to the process as we are to the final product, our top priority is fostering a productive relationship with our clients:

  • Individuals

  • Organizations

  • Corporations

  • Artists

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Small businesses

  • Nonprofits

  • Educational institutions


what types of videos do we produce?

The types of projects we do are as far-ranging in scope, scale, and budget as our clients are diverse.

Each project caters specifically to a client's needs:

  • Individual profiles

  • Artist portraits

  • Educational videos

  • Fundraising videos

  • Identity and branding videos

  • Shorts for social media and the web

  • Long form documentaries and content

What do you have in mind?


how can video work for you?

Video is a powerful medium - a tool with countless functions and endless possibilities:

  • Showcase and feature

  • Communicate and engage

  • Inform and educate

  • Inspire and galvanize

  • Share your message

How can we make video work for you?