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Working with Melinda Frame is a fantastic experience. Her videos are highly professional and her thoughtful reflection shines through. She has a great vision that's filled with compassion and interest in her subject matter. She really listens and her work speaks clearly to the heart of the matter at hand.

- Suzanne Sbarge, Executive Director, 516 ARTS

Melinda is a real pleasure to work with and a consummate professional who has done an incredible job on every project we have worked on and always made them into something better than I could have imagined.  The experience of working with Melinda made me look forward to our next project together! 

- Cole Rogers, Artistic Director & Master Printer, Highpoint Center for Printmaking

Working with Melinda was pure pleasure in every respect. She very quickly grasped the overall concept that I was reaching for, and her collaborative approach was instrumental in making an extraordinary final product. Being a novice myself, she greatly facilitated the process by clarifying the steps, being a clear communicator, and having a phenomenal memory for the extensive interview footage and cover material. She was able to blend it all in a seamless—and poetic—way, and made excellent suggestions throughout our work together. She is a real pro—knows her stuff, always met deadlines, and, as importantly, made the process fun and exciting. Not only will I use her again, but highly recommend her to colleagues an friends.

—Marjorie Devon, Director Emerita, Tamarind Institute

 Working with a master is a great gift: while filming, Melinda is totally present, yet invisible. And then, she takes what she has observed so closely and creates magic as she edits, weaving together the many strands of a person’s life into a new wholeness. what results is calm, rhythmical, inviting and insightful: a world come alive. I feel fortunate to have experienced, as one of the subjects of 66 Mile Radius, Melinda’s expertise and vision. Now, I am experiencing that again as we create a documentary on the process of my art. 

- Judy Tuwaletstiwa, Artist

Perhaps the most telling part of my interaction with Melinda was my belief...that it simply couldn’t be done with the small staff allotted and in the timeframe required.  But under Melinda’s leadership and with her talents I saw that show’s path change...And it became a product that no outsider would realize was the work of such a small crew. Melinda took on extra work shooting and editing, and doing it well.  I could end my referral by simply saying I’m impressed with how much Melinda cares about turning out quality work. But it’s more than that. She also has the ability to turn out quality work.  Her skill sets combined with that dedication to generating a top tier product have left me impressed. The TV show would not have survived past a trial run without her.

-Dan Monaghan, Video Services Manager, New Mexico Tourism Department